January 11, 2012

Gear Hunting: Kitchen Carts

My kitchen and me, we have a complicated relationship. It's like that significant other you think you can help change for the better: you can add and subtract elements but the essence of a thing (or person) stays the same. So to keep a relationship going, you assess and make peace with what's possible. Change what you can and all that. The cabinets in my ’50s era kitchen have a weird layout that create dark corners where you can't see or fit anything into. On the honey-do list is tearing it all down and starting fresh. Until then, I've been eyeing kitchen carts for a quick way to add storage space and an additional prep surface. I'm about to welcome a stand mixer into the family and it needs a permanent spot to hang out and remind me to make multiple batches of treats.

Below are a few of the options I came across:

This can be a solution for when you don't have the budget to remodel or need more flexibility in your kitchen layout.

Source: Crate and Barrel

For Small Spaces
You can get creative with a smaller model. It can be a temporary island during prep or a serving cart for parties, and when you're done it can be tucked away in a corner.

Source: Ikea


If seeing all those pro kitchens on your favorite food TV shows has you yearning for stainless steel, this cart's for you.

Source: Wisteria

If you can't find exactly what you need, why not make your own?

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