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      The Company Party Member Conference Was Successfully Held Edit Date:2022/04/02

             To further strengthen the leadership team, complete selection of the party committee member, give full play to the communist party’s core political role, with the approval of the party committee of Haisum group, in the afternoon of 22nd Feb, the Company Party Member Conference was held by the party committee for the election of new members of the party committee, with all party members of the company participating.

             The election was carried out work strictly in accordance with Party Constitution and Regulations on Election Work of CPC Primary Organizations. All party members successively adopted the election method of the conference, the official list of candidates, the list of election supervisors and vote counters, and the competitive election was conducted by secret ballot. According to the voting results, Li Zhenzhou, Chen Xia, Chen Liang and Jiang Chao were elected as the members of the CPC Committee of GDE.

             At the end of the conference, Luo Jun, Secretary of Party Committee of the company, on behalf of the Party Committee, congratulated the 4 newly elected members and put forward requirements for the following work about party building work:

             Firstly, theoretical study should be strengthened, in accordance with the idea of “Leading via team, guiding via meeting, assisting in rotation and platform, promoting via testing, promotion, learning via activities ”. The system of learning should be strictly implemented to form the systematic and normalizing learning mechanism, to be consciously and relentlessly armed with party’s innovation theory study to guide the practice.

             Secondly, Party spirit should be continuously strengthened without slacking off to improve political capacity and skills in all respects, earnestly study and implement all Party’s guiding principles in deep heart and in practice. “4 Consciousnesses” and “4 Confidences” should be built up to uphold political orientation, stabilize political stand, and maintain political will power.

             Thirdly, promoting the change of work style should be maintained to foster a pragmatic and responsible atmosphere for entrepreneurship. Cadres should be examined and identified via strict standard of duty, taking the initiative, daring to take responsibility, well starting and ending, being good at making achievements, adhering to the front line of operation, the main battlefield of EPC projects and the forefront of staff service.

             Fourthly, the purpose of serving the people should be maintained and the vision of people-centered development should be put into practice.

             In-depth investigation and study should be done to find the problem in time, solve the problem, listen to the voice of the primaries and directly reflect the desire of the employees. Party cadres should set an example everywhere, enhance sense of responsibility, set up feelings for the people, sincerely and practically resolve contradictions, really do the practical work and solve problems for primary staff, to continuously improve the recognition and satisfaction of the majority of employees.

             He also presented that, in 2021, under the leadership of the Party Committee of the company and the joint efforts of all employees, the company has completed all tasks assigned by the superior and achieved good results, opening a good stage for implementing the company’s “14th Five-year” strategic planning goals;

             In 2022, the company would continue to adhere to the tone of seeking improvement in stability work, by taking market as the guidance, customer as the center, to develop the business, with “5 good years”, namely “Party”, “Customer”, “innovation”, “Lean”, “Implementation”; the company party members and cadres should focus on the Principle of “problem orientation, target traction, reforming assisting, science and technology power”, with the goal of strong integration, precise management and promoting balance and should gradually adjust the company’s organizational structure, comprehensively improve the company’s core competitiveness and ensure the healthy, stable and sustainable development of the company;

             hopefully all party members of the company would play leading roles as the vanguard, together overcome difficulties, integrate wisdom and strength, actively concentrate on the work of "two transformation" during the “14th 5-year”, and keep updating the new status of the company’s reformation and development, with excellent results to meet the party’s 20th Conference!

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