About Geared to Cook

I started Geared to Cook to 1) rescue all the gadgets and gear from the darkest corners of my cabinets and 2) become a more well-rounded cook. My fascination with gadgets probably started way back when I worked for magazines dedicated to finding the newest toys in various categories. I also have a wicked sweet tooth and love to bake; if I could, I'd live on chocolate and cookies. But since that isn't possible, I should expand my repertoire beyond dessert.

So join me as I try out recipes, put my gadgets through their paces in my NYC kitchen and discover new gear around the world. Thanks for stopping by!

Nishiki Market soy milk doughnuts
This is just one of the many machines I wish I could take home. It turns out dozens of soy milk doughnuts at Nishiki Market in Kyoto, Japan. Yum!

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